Friday, 5 February 2016

2016 - A New Year. A New Blog

Been awhile Bloggers!

I've been busy with life and I forgot all about this blog, What can I say??? I was just to busy having Boston fun!!

So for 2016 I will try to post more and share some of my life with you that has been keeping me busy over the last few year.

Right so off I go to try find that USB full of photos!?!

Licks & Love

Friday, 4 February 2011

A belated Happy New Year!!!

Well it's February already and I haven't posted since October. Big Oops!!!

So I hope every dog had a Happy Christmas. A very Merry New Year. And you are all happy at the start of this very cold 2011.

So is it cold enough for every dog out there? I hate the cold, although saying that I do enjoy playing in the snow.......... As long as I have my jumper on!!! ;)

I hope we get some more snow before the spring comes. :)

Well Woof and Wiggle butts to you all and I will try my best to keep blogging more this fine new year.

This is Me enjoying the snow last November.

Keep warm and Wagging till next time.
Cooper the Trooper.x

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Catch up for June.

Well what can I say about the month of June??? There were some lovely sunny days but also some wet horrid days too.

We went on some picnics and also days out to the seaside. We also went
for walks in lots of parks.
We did have a few very hot days, they were so hot I had to cool down with the electric Fan. It was lovely... if a little noisy!!

There was also some really cold days which meant I could snuggle on the sofa. And the best thing is when I'm really cold HuMum will cover me up with a blanket.
And you have to admit I look pretty cute all wrapped up and snuggley in Mums blanket??? :)

Ooh we went to a couple of Dog events to. One was at the Snetterton Dog Trust open day. It was lots of fun with loads of dogs to greet & play
with... or try to play with.

I even had a go at the Dog scurry, jumping over large Hay Bales while running really fast down a small ally.

It was great fun, I did twice. HuDad took me to the far end of the ally and I had to run down the ally running over hay bales towards HuMum. HeeHee!!
Mum was really funny cause she was waving her arms about and calling my name really loudly....In front of a crowd of people. BoL


So there you go my June. (^.^)

Catch up Time.

Right its time to catch up with my years activities.................


So the month of May not only brought the lovely warm weather it also meant that Agility class started at my dog Training class.

My HuMum was very excited about it as she really wanted to do agility
with me as soon as I was old enough. But she was also a bit nervous cause she didn't know if I would do anything....You see when I don't want to do something I just sit there with 'The face' on!!

Ooh you would love 'The Face'. It's the stubborn face that HuMum says I put on when I'm not happy and don't want to do something.
I usually have it on at Dog Training, about 5 minutes before the end of class, cause I'm tired and want to go home for my Tea!!! BoL :)

But HuMum shouldn't have worried cause I Love Agility sooooooooooooo much!!!

I Luv jumping over the hurdles they are REALLY Fun. :) I also enjoy climbing the big A frame, it's sooooooo high!
And even thought the Tunnel and Dog walk took a bit of getting use to I will do them....No Problem!!!

So there you go May was full of Agility....It was also a month of walking, Dog Class, Family get togethers And other stuff but Agility was the most important thing, Well I think Anyhoo?!?

Oh HuMum wants me to add that May was also the month when I hit adolescence. I have no idea what she means but she says this picture says it all???

Ok I must admit, I am pulling her hair in this photo but it's because I want her to take notice of me.


More catch ups to come very soon.
So you take it easy till then.x

Sunday, 3 October 2010


Oops indeedy!!!

So its October and I haven't blogged since May which is REALLY bad of me and I only have My Family to blame!! WoofaRoo!!

They are the ones that have kept me busy and taken me out and about so much I have been too pooped to blog.

But I will try real hard to catch you up with all my activities in my next blog and hopefully I will stay on top of it better in the future....Yeah right, who am I kidding?!?!

Type ya soon.x

Sunday, 23 May 2010

WoW!!! Where has the time gone?

Hello bloggers Can you believe it's May and nearly the end of May at that!!!

Life here has been MANIC!! I've been sooooo busy I just forgot all about blogging!!!

So what's been happening here since January???
Well, let see.... I've been on lots of Trips to lots of different places and met lots of people.

I've managed to get through 10 squeaky toys in 4 months and my favourite bear has been sewn up so many times he has no nose or ears now. But I still love him and play with him everyday, I also sleep with him every night!!!

On Valentines day I got a Tuna Dog treat and for Easter I got a veggie and white fish chew stick.

I've played in the snow, avoided the rain and stayed by the fire when the weather turned VERY cold for April!!

I have even played Boston Bitey face with a female Boston called Precious who came round for a visit last week.

In fact May is my favourite month so far this year cause it's been sooo very warm and sunny (I do love to lay in the sun till I over heat).

We also went to a place called Bournemouth, where there were dog friendly golden beaches and I learnt how to dig holes in the sand. :)

So you see, told you it's been madly busy here with no time to type but I'll make up for it soon and I've added some photos.

Take care blogger friends till next we meet.x

Sunday, 24 January 2010

A brand New Year.

Me in close up.

Happy new year!!!

Yes I know it's very late but I have been a very busy Boston and was having to much fun to sit and type to you.

But hey don't take that the wrong way, I'm young and I just get carried away with running around the garden, chasing the cat and just being a cheeky Boston T.!!!

I'll make this short because mum is getting my Tea. But I will be back very soon.

Take care and type ya soon.x