Sunday, 15 November 2009

Happy Halloween....Whatever?!?!

Okay so I have just got over the shock of my first Halloween. As you can see it's taken a while!!!

I don't even know what it is or what it means but I do know it's very weird and makes my people act in a very strange way!!

So my people leave me at home and are gone out of the house ages???
When they return they have loads of sweet smelling things in a bag, which they empty into a bowl and tell me to 'LEAVE' when I get to close?!?
To be honest I wasn't going to eat them anyway, they may smell nice but they are covered in paper.

My skin mum then puts red pointy things on her head which she calls 'Devil Horns'?? and puts a Tee shirt on me??? Mmm don't like where this is heading.

She then spends the rest of the night answering the door whenever the bell thingy rings which is A LOT and giving lots of small skin people the sweet smelling paper things out of the bowl.

The Small skin people look very scary in weird clothes and they are making lots of noise and seem to be more excited than I get when it's time to play tug and throw my rope with my skin dad!!

When the bell thingy stops making a noise my people settle down for the night in their usual spot on the sofa (Thank goodness!) and eat the rest of the nice paper covered things. At which point I find out that you take the paper off before you put it in you mouth?!?
Which makes a lot of sense, If only I knew that earlier. Tut!

Me in my Tee Shirt. Happy Halloween!!!

I wonder what they have in mind for a thing they call Christmas??

Take it easy everyone till next time.x