Sunday, 23 May 2010

WoW!!! Where has the time gone?

Hello bloggers Can you believe it's May and nearly the end of May at that!!!

Life here has been MANIC!! I've been sooooo busy I just forgot all about blogging!!!

So what's been happening here since January???
Well, let see.... I've been on lots of Trips to lots of different places and met lots of people.

I've managed to get through 10 squeaky toys in 4 months and my favourite bear has been sewn up so many times he has no nose or ears now. But I still love him and play with him everyday, I also sleep with him every night!!!

On Valentines day I got a Tuna Dog treat and for Easter I got a veggie and white fish chew stick.

I've played in the snow, avoided the rain and stayed by the fire when the weather turned VERY cold for April!!

I have even played Boston Bitey face with a female Boston called Precious who came round for a visit last week.

In fact May is my favourite month so far this year cause it's been sooo very warm and sunny (I do love to lay in the sun till I over heat).

We also went to a place called Bournemouth, where there were dog friendly golden beaches and I learnt how to dig holes in the sand. :)

So you see, told you it's been madly busy here with no time to type but I'll make up for it soon and I've added some photos.

Take care blogger friends till next we meet.x


  1. That digging in the sand sounds like fun.

  2. Cooper and gladys - where have you gone?! Us lot on YD are really worried about ya!

    Avansa and Milo


  3. Cooper,
    I have awarded you a Long Lost Friend award, Why don't you stop by and claim it?

  4. HaHa!!Mack you-re REALLY funny!!
    I claim my award and would like to thank my family for keeping me to busy and away for to long in order to be given this wonderful award!!! ;)