Sunday, 31 October 2010

Catch up Time.

Right its time to catch up with my years activities.................


So the month of May not only brought the lovely warm weather it also meant that Agility class started at my dog Training class.

My HuMum was very excited about it as she really wanted to do agility
with me as soon as I was old enough. But she was also a bit nervous cause she didn't know if I would do anything....You see when I don't want to do something I just sit there with 'The face' on!!

Ooh you would love 'The Face'. It's the stubborn face that HuMum says I put on when I'm not happy and don't want to do something.
I usually have it on at Dog Training, about 5 minutes before the end of class, cause I'm tired and want to go home for my Tea!!! BoL :)

But HuMum shouldn't have worried cause I Love Agility sooooooooooooo much!!!

I Luv jumping over the hurdles they are REALLY Fun. :) I also enjoy climbing the big A frame, it's sooooooo high!
And even thought the Tunnel and Dog walk took a bit of getting use to I will do them....No Problem!!!

So there you go May was full of Agility....It was also a month of walking, Dog Class, Family get togethers And other stuff but Agility was the most important thing, Well I think Anyhoo?!?

Oh HuMum wants me to add that May was also the month when I hit adolescence. I have no idea what she means but she says this picture says it all???

Ok I must admit, I am pulling her hair in this photo but it's because I want her to take notice of me.


More catch ups to come very soon.
So you take it easy till then.x

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