Sunday, 31 October 2010

Catch up for June.

Well what can I say about the month of June??? There were some lovely sunny days but also some wet horrid days too.

We went on some picnics and also days out to the seaside. We also went
for walks in lots of parks.
We did have a few very hot days, they were so hot I had to cool down with the electric Fan. It was lovely... if a little noisy!!

There was also some really cold days which meant I could snuggle on the sofa. And the best thing is when I'm really cold HuMum will cover me up with a blanket.
And you have to admit I look pretty cute all wrapped up and snuggley in Mums blanket??? :)

Ooh we went to a couple of Dog events to. One was at the Snetterton Dog Trust open day. It was lots of fun with loads of dogs to greet & play
with... or try to play with.

I even had a go at the Dog scurry, jumping over large Hay Bales while running really fast down a small ally.

It was great fun, I did twice. HuDad took me to the far end of the ally and I had to run down the ally running over hay bales towards HuMum. HeeHee!!
Mum was really funny cause she was waving her arms about and calling my name really loudly....In front of a crowd of people. BoL


So there you go my June. (^.^)

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  1. Cooper,
    I like my fan too - it is a necessity for BT's!