Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Merry Christmas.

So I found out what Christmas is and like my blog friend Mack said, I LOVE IT!!!
Well apart from the dressing up thing, why oh why does mum keep putting things on me and taking lots of pictures??

This is me in my Christmas Ruff!!!

Anyhoo, it's been crazy busy here.
We have had my mums family round, my dads family round and lots of friends round too.
The house has been full and I don't know who half of them are. But they were all nice and friendly to me and very happy to give me lots of fuss, hugs and some were even happy for me to cover their face in Boston kisses!!!

Then one morning the family got up early and all of them seemed very excited, Uncle and Auntie (my mums parents) had slept over so I made sure they got up by jumping all over them while they laid in bed.

Then they spent the next hour or so ripping open things wrapped in paper.
I was excited at this point anyway but then mum gave me some to unwrap as well!!!

As I grabbed the paper in my mouth and tore it off I found lots of wonderful things inside that I could play with.
I got balls and ropes and squeaky toys. One of them looked like something called a Turkey, I soon ripped the foot of that!!

Then I ran round the house with ribbons and paper in my mouth with dad chasing after me, I thought it was a game but he just wanted the Christmas wrappings for himself. Although he took them away and put them in the recycling bin??

Then the next best thing was something called 'Turkey', now although some of my toys were called Turkey toys they didn't taste like the meat one I was given as a special treat.
Now that was a BIG surprise because I don't get my families food...EVER.
But my mum did say it was just because it was Christmas as a special treat.

WoW it was fantastic, I loved it.

ROLL on next Christmas I say, cause I've heard it happens every year.

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  1. Isn't Christmas the best thing ever?

    Mom says everyday is Christmas for us dogs...whatever mom...