Sunday, 4 October 2009

Wow October already!!!

Hi Folk,

I'm in shock!! I really can't believe that the summer has gone and it's October already???

Also feeling really bad because I started this blog in July and this is only my second post.

But hey please don't judge me on my lack of blogging, I'm still a pup.
What with so many new things going on around me and all the growing and learning I'm having to do I just never seem to find the time to blog.

But there is good news for all you wonderful dogs out there willing to give me another chance with this blog thing.
Now that this thing called Autumn has sneaked up on us my people tell me there will be longer dark evening at home.
So I guess there will be loads of time for blogging and to catch you all up with how I spent my summer.

So I'll be back real soon with another blog.

1 comment:

  1. Well hello Cooper! I didn't think there were any BT's across the pond - It's nice to know there are!

    Very glad to make your acquaintance. Mom says your pic makes you look very handsome and she wants to see more of them.

    Have a great week & Let me know how things are in Surrey!